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Behind The Blends: Grapefruit And May Chang | The Handmade Soap Company US

Nature’s gift to the frazzled. Calming, restorative and stress diffusing; this soft, citrusy fragrance will lift your spirits and restore you back to sociable.


As a child, Donagh always had a grapefruit for breakfast. He thought this was very exotic. In fact, he still starts the day with a juicy grapefruit. May chang is a small Asian spice tree, the fruit of which gives a lovely lemony essential oil anchor to the flighty grapefruit. This blend also contains top notes of orange flower with a fruity and herbaceous middle supported by a spicy oriental musky base.

Top Notes: Citrus, Orange Flower

Middle Notes: Mediterranean, Fruity, Herbaceous

Base Notes: Oriental, Resin, Musky


This illustration shows our take on a zingy grapefruit breakfast with a butterfly to welcome the day.

Illustrator-extraordinaire Paula McGloin stylised a zesty grapefruit breakfast on a backdrop of uplifting pink. The beautiful packaging makes this a lovely gift for bridesmaids, Valentine’s Day or just a gift gift to let somebody know how amazing you think they are.


The Grapefruit & May Chang range is a close second to the Lemongrass & Cedarwood range when it comes to customer favorites. Within the zesty range you’ll find a soothing body butter which melts to the touch and turns to oil on the skin. Unique to this range is the Irish Moss hard soap. The traditional bar contains wild Irish seaweed harvested off the west coast of Ireland by the Talty Family, and is known for its gentle exfoliation properties.


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