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We’re a pretty relaxed bunch here at THMSCo. But there is one thing we take very very seriously – what we put in our products. You see, we got tired of buying skin care products that were actually harming our skin, rather than helping it – loaded up with those nasty toxins and chemicals that skin really doesn’t like or need. You see we know a thing or two about sensitive skin ourselves, that’s why we went in search of the perfect natural ingredients to nourish, heal and protect it. When we saw the impact it had on our skin and our health, we thought, hey let’s spread the love. And the cream. (Sorry) So we pushed up our sleeves, started in soap. Then it went down quite well. So we expanded. And got stuck into lotions, potions, butters and balms. Our chief rule – we only used what worked for sensitive skin, what was natural – and what we’d like to use ourselves. And we’re pretty picky, so standards were (and still are) sky high. We sourced the highest grade ingredients from plant and mineral extracts and made them part of our products. We made a stand for your skin, your health. We said NO to toxins, chemicals and any other meanies. Instead we use super powerful natural ingredients that your skin will love. Simple! Your skin deserves love. Loads of it. And that’s what we do take seriously. Now that the serious talk is over, let’s get back to soapmaking and having fun! 

The Handmade Soap Company

The Handmade Soap Company

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