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This Lemongrass and Cedarwood Soap balancing on the corner of the bath got us thinking about Life Balance today. We’ve often heard it. We need to find balance and less stress in our lives. We need to take time out to relax, but making that happen can be pretty challenging when your day is already so full. Life is busy – deadlines to meet, emails to answer, calls to return – and that dinner isn’t going to cook itself, is it? No. You’re right. It isn’t. There’s so much we try to fit in. So here’s what we do – Every day we try to do one thing that makes us feel good. It could be a walk in the forest, coffee in a fave cafe, wearing a for-special-occasions-only dress. [Donagh included]. These things are usually small and simple, but they can change how the day goes. They can make life feel balanced, get us feeling all happy inside and that’s important stuff. Today try one of our favorites – run a bath with gorgeous Soap. It’s your down-time. A chance to switch off and soak. Doesn’t get much better than that. What one thing will you do today to feel good? Remember it’s always the simple things. 

The Handmade Soap Company

The Handmade Soap Company

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